Monument CO

Monument CO was founded in the early 1850s by Iowa farmers on their way to the gold fields of California. The land was so lush and fertile, with good water and good soil, that they settled down instead of continuing on. The original name was Henry Station, after Henry Limbach the first mayor, but was changed to Monument when the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad came through in the 1870’s. The name was inspired by the rock formations west of town.

For most of its history, Monument was a farming community raising potatoes, rye, oats and corn as well as dairy. The farmers took advantage of the ice each winter to harvest it and keep it for refrigerated shipping in the summer.

Since 1954, when the Air Force Academy was founded just south of Monument, the area has developed into a small town with residents commuting to Denver and Colorado Springs.

Residents of Monument are only 10 miles from Dr Mussone’s Cosmetic Dentistry practice in Colorado Springs.